Monday, May 30, 2005

I Ate Diarrhea Bacteria

Hands shaking…. strength 10% left. Cant type. Weak. Walking problem. Internal battery critically low. Been visiting the toilet at a frequency of once every two hours since yesterday morning. Didn’t sleep well coz ass needs to sit on toilet bowl frequently. Must see doctor later if I can. Work piled all up. Can't work yesterday. Legs shaky. Can't think. Lay on bed all day and night. Serious food poisoning. Fu*k up week end.

Weekend was hell. So many things happened. Friend got expelled from girlfriend’s house. Followed him around gave him emotional support and help hunted for a new apartment where he can nurse his heart back to health.

Suppliers form Singapore came. Kept them happy, brought them around. No panties!!! No panties!!!! Brought them to a-go-go bar where the pretty young things don’t wear panties!!!!! Sperm swam up to brain. Yeahhh… go again we must. They went yesterday night, I did not. Because my ass fell in love with the toilet bowl.

Pain, pain… cramps cramps… this must be how women feel once a month. Back in office.. summoning all energy be it cosmic or spiritual…. Need to work…. Work piled up… weak weak… pain pain…

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