Monday, May 16, 2005

Cold Crab

Cold Crab

I ate this yesterday… cold raw crab. Friend told me we have “cold crab” for dinner. In my mind was cold COOKED crab like those Hokkien or Teochew dishes. But… it was raw.. dead raw… meat was translucent.. crab eyeballs could have been still moving.. Seems to be freshly smashed to pieces by the kitchen hand, sprinkled with condiments and served straight to us. Some scary shit.

By the way… was out with Brian and his dad for the first half of the day yesterday. Brought them around eat good lunch, coffee and massage.

And as for Saturday being stuck in the office, I freed myself by climbing out the window.


rk said...

spider man, spider man

Ed said...

spider man, spider man
不小心, 掉下来

Your balls divider never kenna caught on the window sill? How? U still man or not?

Jewie said...

I like the ed version better....