Saturday, May 07, 2005

Someone Died Outside My Office

Just came back after dinner. 11pm in night. As I approached the junction outside me office, saw flashing blue and red. Saw dead man on floor covered in white blanket. Blood,… blood all over as my wheels transverse over them flowing crimson fluid and probably squishing some gray matter as the police guide me with their torches slowly through.

Motorbikes… almost every other day some idiot will DIE!!!! Stoopid ass holes think they superhuman or what… zoom here zoom there cut in and out. Neber check blind spot cut into my lane and I have to jam my brakes. Sometimes, when the opposite lane is jam pack, these pesky bastards will come onto my lane, driving in the direct opposite direction of me and zoom back into some traffic crevices at the last moment before they near. And then.. the teenage riders, motor so loud, and the pillions they try to impress has her skirts flying wild as they travel at stupid fast speeds. They think their motor bike 5000cc, 0 – 100 in 2 seconds or what. No helmet some more. Travel in gangs they will, and die by the pairs they consistently. The Thai people refer to motorbikes as flies. Those pesky 200cc squeaky screamers.. always causing accidents. And guess what? The rules here are… if an accident occurs between a car and a motorbike, the bigger vehicle is always the one at fault, no matter what!! Riders… no responsibility and no brain. Can’t they be more responsible??? Even if got brain also no use because most of the time, the brain will be somewhere out of body, splattered on the tarmac cooking instantly in the baking sun. Sprinkle garlic, onions and pepper on them and it did smell real good.

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Jewie said...

Someone who is a die hard fan of Harley left me an unpleasant message on this issue. Of coz… I deleted it. Just in case he/she checks on this again… I have to say that I have nothing against the Harley riders. If you ride a Harley for 15 years.. of coz you are not among the majority of the reckless Thai riders I see around. The riders I am referring to are those that you see around riding wildly, without concern for their own safety nor those around them.