Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hungry Angry Man

A hungry man is an angry man. Worst if he ran out of ciggys and cannot have access to one. Very fuggin pissed… angry until lumpar tua suay liap. I am in a very very angry hungry deprived of ciggy state now.

I tried my best to dismantle the door with tools I have around, but I ain't no locksmith. I am just an angry angry man because they locked me the in office thinking I had the key. I can’t get out.. I am hungry… I am about to eat my PC. I decide to write angry Blog.

Colleague’s mama (she usually hangs around the office) and the accounting girls before leaving came to ask me if I had the keys. And I said yes I have, I have the keys to the metal door out in front of the office. Then they left… but they locked the inner bloody friggin CCB KNN paur CB kan puar zhi deh sai puar lumpar mutha friggin piece-of-shit pukimah glass door to which I do not have the keys to.

Very fuming now… waiting for someone to return to the office rescue me. Angry man bloggin.

1 comment:

Ed said...

Wah lan, u might as well get all the keys to all the fuggin doors in the orhuice next time. I think u tekan them too much liao, that's why they buey song u, purposely lock u inside without ciggies then go theque lancing and celebrate. Alternative...go out through window and climb down the pipes. At most slip that time use balls to buah the pipe to slow down. Anyway lanpa tua suay liap liao... same same.