Friday, May 06, 2005

Relax at Corner

Why is it that, one only works what one is paid for? Why is it that, when one is left alone with no supervision, one simply stare into thin air trying to see if one could see the micro particles that constitutes to the atmosphere? Why is it that, under the mentioned circumstances, one would not improve oneself by learning but instead turn to indulge oneself in activities directly related to the sluggishness of life? Why is it that, under the same mentioned circumstances, one would not self-instigate perfection into the establishment that has been keeping ones delicate life afloat? Why is it that, when faced with difficulties, one simply halts all process of thoughts and regress ones brain into an inoperative slacken mode and not even bother to invite wisdom from others for an answer? Instead, one when faced with a situation just mentioned will straightforwardly sweep one’s responsibilities under one’s carpet, very sure that the volatile behavior of dynamic human memory will sneak up on all those around. One has forgotten the beauty of Task List in Outlook and when questioned on the outcome of duty given, genetically gives a blank look and positively attributes the anomaly of ineptitude onto another entity. Why is it that when time is in one’s hand, minutes turns to hours, hours turns to days and one has the inert supernatural ability to bend the boundaries of Space Time Continuum?

I have no answer. Welcome to Working in Thailand.

Uncle Presvin was here for a good week. Unfortunately, he took the wrong week to come. There are two holidays this week. In fact, Thailand’s calendar is sprinkled generously with holidays like Hersheys on a chocolate chip cookie. Yesterday was one such holiday and for the first time, I successfully attempted not to power up my notebook for more then 24 hours. Went out with Presvin almost the whole day, gig came along too. We talked about many, dined around twice and shop around plenty. I have not done something like that for a long time, to be absolutely detached from work. Watched several DVDs over the passed two days till my skin fused to bed, bought myself a blender and made icy cold drinks for contrast to the weather. Totally adopting the habitual practice of existence mentioned on the grumblings I written above.

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