Monday, January 31, 2005

Neck Cannot Turn

Blardee hell … 2nd day alr… still so painful… still cannot turn head.. drive car almost die coz cannot see blind spot..

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Pork Burgers so Yummy

Woke up with a bloody stiff neck. Think it all started because of sleeping on the floor a few nights ago. Can’t turn my head without turning my torso. Exhibit every characteristics of a stiff owl. Pain pain pain pain pain… si beh sianz… can only stare straight at my computer screen now.

Anyway… was at Macs just now having lunch. They got a new thing.. dunno if they have it in SG. Black pepper pork burger with curly fires.. Wahh… darn tasty… pork so tender, juice so peppery.. Too bad.. in SG, Macs is Halal.. means no pork.. just like BK.. where the bacon double cheese burger would have tasted ten times better if they used real pork bacon instead of turkey meat. If only they have non Halal BK or Macs branches in SG. Alternatively… they could sell Halal pork.

Oh... one more thing.. Charles and Denise coming on Wednesday.... hehehe... cheong time.

Ok back in office back to work…. Byes….

Friday, January 28, 2005

Kan paur big CB - fugging lousy nite!

Yesterday at project site, decided to come back Bangkok instead of sleeping over there. Started the journey back at 1am. Only to find us in a stand still jam at 2am in the middle of no where. Stuck there for one bloody hour. Got out the car and walk 100 meters ahead to find 2 huge lorrys, 2 vans and one pick up all messed up real bad.

The driver of the van was trapped under the steering wheel, dunno how he ended down there. And there were these two passengers still stuck behind. Nambleh.. all becoz some one accidentally drop what looks like lumber on the road and all hell broke loose. CB... the mess blocked the entire 3 lanes so all traffic a standstill. They were also transporting the injured behind pickups to hospital... not by ambulance. Drama...


Then finally... reach office at fourish. Kan puar tua CB..!! i told them i did be coming back to sleep over in office and to prepare by firggin bed. No one did and i got no idea where they put the matteress. See photo. My bed = one pillow + 3 square foam.


Never slept properly.. now all aching... eyes looks like lum par chi now.. friggin hell! C B ! fug fug fug fug!.... ARgghhhhhh !!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sleeping with The Un-Hatched Eggs

Thursday. While some of you guys will be probably going to cheong light at some place tonite, I shall be going over to some chicken farm to complete an automation project. Guys I discovered something interesting.. Over there at the farm, there are always trays of rejected eggs. Reason being there are more then one chick growing inside. Darn interesting… neber knew got such cases.

Anyway, I wont be going back for CNY.. so sorry, and yes, cant party that’s rite.
Gone bowling 2 nites ago. Long time neber exercise.. now hand cramp… cannot even light a lighter properly. Legs and butt also pain coz of odd pose position during process of throwing the ball onto the lane.

Then yesterday nite kee siao.. decided to write an article.. The Singaporean Dream II. Read it if you want at .

Monday, January 24, 2005

Still in the office...

Long day…. Still at office.. 10 45pm liaos… eyes blur blur… brain slow slow… need fuel….. coffee. Overslept in the morning… reach office 1130 am. Lucky also.. there was this Hepatitis dunno what A BCD.. until Z blood screening test in the office in the morning. All the pple got needles stuck into them and blood drawn out big time. I hate needles (ok lah… I scared lah). So lucky I came late and the doctor left alr… yeahhh. So… my arm still virgin… heng ah.

Went for a blardee long meeting today afternoon. Well as usual they spoke in Thai. The language-processing portion of my brain was firing like the blaring engine of a car… Until a certain point I think I blew a piston, gasket or something in me brain. Brain refused to be of any assistance anymore. So… I sat there for almost an hour and grew spider webs under my armpits…

Nothing much interesting today except for the planning another possible long distance trip somewhere mid week. Gonna go home soon now.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Come back liao.....

Yawn… good morning from the office. Slept here yesterday nite after come back from northeast and Laos becoz work not finish. Drove for more then 2000km in total. Sit car until balls changes shape.… . but quite fun trip coz I had fun driving on some portions WITHOUT A LICENSE!!!! Whahahahaha… … went to some ulu place and when we find no toilet.. so we fertilized some farm by the road side.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hole puncher = chicken eye!

Suppose to go Kon Kean... neber go coz last minute change plans to start journey tomolo morning at @$!@# 3am coz need to get some stoopid supplies from somwhere else first.
Learn new thai word today.. . was looking for a hole puncher in the office... nobody understood what i said..

Performed some rather drastic mime actions to simulate hole punching... thinking back looks obscene... no wonder no one understood...
Finallly i found it... and they told me it is called a "dar kai".... translated = eye of chicken...... becoz after puching holes on paper.. they look like a pair of small chicken eyes.

To Laos and back....

Been a really long day. Some strange equipment arrived at the office today that i have never seen before that required me to configure it. Tomolo… me will go with these strange toys to far far away – Kon Kean.. abt 4-5 hours drive.. then stay few nites at some scary power plant and install them. Hopefully nothing explodes (yes… it happened before..)… After that be heading further up to Laos… Cold weather up north… pretty cool and relaxing yeah!… So … will disappear for almost a week na....

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

hello world.... and a parrot spoke to me in thai......

Hmm.... okay ex-GF of mine told me about this site.... interesting na... so decided to try. Will use this to tell my adventure in Thailand so that me friends back in Singapore can see if i am hit by a tsunami, what i up to etc etc....

Living and working in Bangkok has been really cool... lots of new interesting experiences and things to see. Been here for 7 months... and still adjusting to live here.. language... big problem. Very impressed to see ang moh's able to speak in thai, i think some of em has been here for ages. Now... hearing an ang moh speak thai is really weird to me... and next came an even weirder experience...

I was teasing a pet bird at some hotel lobby and suddenly it just utter out "pai nai krup" (where are you going)... wah... buay tahan.. culture shock... i just stood still there and stared blankly at the feathered fellow.... maybe i should get one of these Thai speaking birds to improve me Thai.