Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why do the Cows cross the Road?

To shit on the other side....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Heath Land, I Say

Bangkok…. and we think of massage, a good massage that’s traditional I mean. But where to find, especially for you guys on a holiday here? So many of them around your hotel, but are you sure it’s a good massage? Pricing, will you be that cabbage head on the chopping board? Enter any, and most likely, you find the masseur attractive but only lightly she presses you and show more interest directed towards your groin (if you are a man) then anywhere else. Even traditional ones you enter, good or bad their skills you will not know. Get pressed on the wrong nerve point somewhere on your back any maybe you cannot shit for days.

So where’s a good bet? Look for Health Land. They have a umber of branches around. Its well established and truly a decent business. Ask the bell boy to get you a cab to the nearest branch. Rooms are clean, services are good. A traditional massage cost only THB300 (for Thais and expats same same). But I would recommend the aroma therapy course, which cost THB800 (THB600 if with coupons). This course is actually an oil massage done over one and a half hours. You go into the room that’s good and clean. Rooms are either single, or you could go for that romantic twin where you get to shower together openly. The masseur then instructs you to bath and wash away your stickiness after your long shopping trips under hot Bangkok sun. You feel clean fresh and ready for a good rub in the fresh air-conditioned room. I always prefer to have a bath before massage, that way, I can really enjoy it. The bed is a proper massage bed. There is a hole for your face to breathe, unlike many others which I had been to, I had to stuff my face into a salivated pillow when lying face down.

Oh… and one challenge I have to mention, you have to squeeze into those tiny fixed sized genderless black panties given to you (or you could go totally nude) *. These apparels have no ball room. Health Land, I recommend it.

* Writer of blog is not responsible if reader’s testicles do not decent after the good session in tiny black genderless panties. Reader may have to visit the doctor to attempt to relocate balls if the above situation arises.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Party Shirts, but yet the Red Scarf – Songkran 2010

Earth have made yet another relentless full circle around the sun. It’s the hottest month now. It’s the festivities period yet again. Imprinted into the expat’s mind, wild fun, wet t-shirts and oh yeah I could see them pairs so full and round. That’s how Songkran had always been remembered and the stories we share with our home folks long after many leave the country years later. But Songkran these late years have been different. It has been infused and associated with red violence.

The trucks loads of fun seekers, all ages, still roamed the streets in pursuit of exchanging bucketful of splashes with street parties. The dek skois with their blaring motorcycles in swarms rode out the wet tarmacs. Fun and all but in there behind the smiles…. red spots. Who was who, what was what, sides of which what where we will not know. They were all in there. Anything could be a catalyst to the trigger of not only the normal teenage brawls, but also the taking on of colored sides. It ain’t no fun as before do you know? Some Thais were sad this period.

In our discrete chats over coffee, drinks or clubbing, they share their views. They wanted the protest to end, but hey, it’s not their say. Some were saddened so much when watching the news reports, tears rolled down. Thais had always been a very united happy bunch and in nature, they loved each other. Here long enough, I had seen them exhibit their friendliness towards each other and avoided violence in the most surprising of ways. A joke, a smile, a compromise or an exchange of drinks over uneasy situations. And all became as one, Thais, and they partied hard together. But not theses years. Tears rolled down, they asked themselves, why they are killing each other. I brought up my glass of beer, and we drank and chatted into the night as the lead singer on stage sang her best.

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Here’s Something you see Everyday

For many moons now... red infestation. Have to watch where we drive. Roads closed, business appointments affected. We are still fine.