Thursday, May 19, 2005

Fuen Tok Liaooooo

The dog is faster then me, so is the cat. The grandmother along the pavement is faster then me. The birds… well yeah… definitely faster. The bicycle is faster then me. And even the darn snail by the wet road has velocity faster then my car.

Some one up there turned on the shower and left it on. The raining season is here. It was like hot forever… and then suddenly this morning at 4am.. the loudest thunder made my balls jump out of bed and drop on floor…The roar… its like nothing I hear before. I thought part of my apartment collapse. Its been raining and overcast ever since. Rain come.. jam stays. That’s the way it is in Bangkok. Took me 1 ½ hour to get back from my meeting place to the office. Well.. guess the wet season has finally started.

("Fuen Tok Liaoooo" means raining already. I think "Fuen means sky and Tok means falling. Liao, just like in Hokkien, means already. So the sky is falling down? I dunno.. still pretty bad in Thai.)

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