Tuesday, May 10, 2005

How You Know u Been in Bangkok Long?

Ok I am back in Singapore for a short while and experience:

  • Singapore houses looks like pretty well organized Lego houses from the air and for the first time you find it pleasing.
  • Also for the first time, you find that everything is pretty and clean around.
  • You find the air is clean.
  • Ridiculously, you actually find Singapore climate to be cool.
  • You realize how gigantic the car license plates and their wordings are and wonder if all traffic policemen have eyesight problem.
  • You realized ah-beng Honda civic is now rare.
  • You see the new coffin shaped Honda Odyssey more then four times on the streets.
  • You don’t see old cars, everyone seems to be rich.
  • You need to open 3 locks on 2 doors to enter your home and you are not sure which keys to use.
  • You try to swim and realize your body creates a lot of drag, you feel like a whale.
  • Your cousin walked by you without recognizing you at the pool because you look like a whale.
  • You find hawker food expensive.
  • You accidentally speak Thai when ordering food and cannot speak Hokkien properly, mixing them all up. For a moment you do not understand what the F you are talking about anymore.
  • You want to drink Bandung.
  • You find food and drinks are not sweet.
  • You are bloated because of over-feeding, feels like gold fish.
  • You refuse to buy the blardee $10 ciggy to smoke.
  • You understand all the conversations around you as you walk on the streets.
  • You find good music in CD stores.
  • You feel invasion of privacy when u are at home with your grandma.
  • You enjoy bath because the water is heated.
  • You don’t have SCV and yet appreciate what you see on regular TV even though they are rubbish.
  • Foodball on TV has commentary in Malay.
  • You find the advertisements lack creativity and are not funny.
  • You are amazed at the speeds of the broadband you have at home.

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