Saturday, May 07, 2005

My Roommate Is Smaller Then My Dick

Not a single ant, no more irritating mosquitoe bites on my ears when I sleep. Where have all the insects gone? I noticed there was a lack of creepy-crawly activities in my room these days. I have a new roommate. Its home is in my toilet and its address is below my wash basin. I could hear my roommate. Almost daily, it encounters near death experience and croaks for breath when I do the shit. The dying resonating croak within the walls of my toilet, so cute. I could see my roommate from time to time making its way home at 2am. From the balcony, it scurries over the opposite wall where I lay, over the TV as I am watching and into the bath room. I love lizards and I do not mind cleaning its waste off my balcony. With it around, I sleep good at night.

Was lazing away at home after work yesterday. Put in the Spongebob Squarepants Movie and laughed my head off. Lying on the bed, the air-conditioning on. My DVD playing with Spongebob and silly Patrick on my small TV screen. Room smoldering with my L&M’s and it really reminded me of something, some good times I had before.


Woke up 11. Looked out the balcony onto the parking lot below as I had my morning coffee and usual ciggy. My car was on heat… I meant … it was roasting itself in the scorching sun. Usually, these days my ass sizzles like pork chops on hot stones when I get into the car. I decided to bring the Volvo for a car wash as she was putting on weight from all the dust. Drove to the front of my apartment where there was a newly opened car wash. Darn…. 7 people washed my car and after the showering shampoo phase, all 7 of them wiped her squeaky clean. They even cleaned all the windows form the insides. All for just B$60 (SGD $2.40). Cant get this kinda standards in SG. As I watched the cleansing in the air conditioned hut having my second coffee, I kinda felt guilty that all 7 men worked so hard for just B$60. The laborious efforts I saw was completely lacking within the employees of my own office…. Sigh.

Thai Ciggy.

Back in the office, finishing everything I could before my trip to Singapore. Took a pic of Thailand’s ciggy for u guys to see. They just started these grossy pictures on the box thing to discourage people to smoke. Just like in Singapore. Nay, it aint gonna do me no effect… I’ll still smoke.

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rk said...

i got one too. his name is called "chuk chuk" and i been trying to kill him ever since.