Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thailand Big Big

Giant Candle at Temple

In Thailand, they like it big. The temple is big, the Buddha is big, the incredible candle is so big, the durian sculpture is so big fall on you can die. Everything big, except money.

Fried Quail Eggs

And here’s something we don’t see in Singapore’s parsa-malam. Delicious fried quail eggs sprinkled with fish sauce and pepper.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rabbit can climb one meh?

My Rabbit Climbs
Sometimes I see my rabbit free hanging off the inside of her cage. At times, I see her attempting to scale my dustbin. Herein is photo evidence of her bag-climbing. My rabbit climbs (are they suppose to do that?????). I am suspecting maybe this furball is not a rabbit.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Fisherman of Mekong

Restaurant Mekong

To Laso and back. Just some pictures.

Laos Hair Saloon

Laos Hair Saloon

That metal basin, I saw them wash their hands, wash their face. I half suspect they do more then that there, maybe pee, shit… etc etc etc..

My Bunny

And here’s my BUNNY!!!!.. the grass eating machine. I like it when she does that.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bunny Weekend

My Rabbit

And I got a wabbit. As to why? Because of the stupid wabbit in the office. Too darn cute. So last week, I bought one baby rabbit.

Friends form Singapore came for weekend shopping. So I squeezed time to catch up. Darn… everyone’s getting old. Everyone is married or going to get married. And everyone that is married is pumping their wives full of sperm. It’s spawning season. So many of my friends are having babies. Darn…. This is an official sign. We are OLD!

Rabbits.. I started to compare taking care of one to my friends taking care of their bundle of joy. First of all, bundle of joy can turn to bundle of shit. Now I have to sweep rabbit shit every now and then. I guess it is the same for my fatherly friends. And I have to play with rabbit, else it gets bored. So same as baby right? Can’t put baby in fridge and leave it alone in there. Then.. baby diet. My stupid rabbit chooses her food. Don’t want to eat those rabbit pellets. Panic for fear that it will eventually starve to death, gig went around the neighborhood and plucked some grass. Finally rabbit eats. Just wondering.. what if a human baby don’t eat? Can you go around your neighborhood looking for your neighbor’s pregnant wife and say “Need milk, can borrow those breasts”?

My rabbit is weird. She does not like rabbit food. She prefers BBQ chicken. The smell if it drove my rabbit crazy and it chased me around in the room. “You’re a rabbit… not a dog!!” I have to shout to her. “And your friend died just after 3 days because it anyhow eat (my previous rabbit beginning of year, died of diarrhea)!!! Do u understand??”. Of course rabbit don’t and continued chasing my chicken. Potatoes chips, magi-mee, hot dogs. All drove her wild. But I know better not to feed her. And when I ate my chicken on my bed, she will be standing, all ears up staring.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rain Dance

Here’s something new. In the villages, when there is a drought, they will do a rain dance. Rain dance is done by carrying a black cat over your head and running naked wildly around the perimeter of your village three times chanting hysterically. Just kidding…

The real thing I heard, is similar to our Chinese Taoist “Tiao Dang” customs. The fat black cat will be sort of placed in an altar carried by four people and they would circle the village. I am not sure if they are suppose to shake the cat violently until it is senseless like how the Taoist shake the possessed altar. Interesting Thai customs.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Office Security also Good

Thai Bunny

While the site I went for projects has a giant pussy cat as a guard dog (see previous post), my office has this fearsome little fur ball. I stepped into the office one day and discovered that one of our staffs has brought her bunny here. Because her kid at home thinks the wabbit is a football and kick it all the time.

Wabbit is named Wipo or something… dunno… must be some Thai thing. It roams in the office freely most of the time. With my training, soon, it will jump to heights on voracious instinct, severely chewing off the testicles of uninvited intruders. For ladies… it shall gnaw off your little nipples oh yeah. Nipples… oh yeah…. Nipples Thailand so many, me so horny… Give em money… touch their body….. WTF??!!! (Stress syndrome.. getting unrelated subject into this rabbit related blog entry.)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thai Security Very Good

Trespassers Will Be Eaten Alive
I went to work and I saw something strange. Trespassers will be eaten alive. Welcome to Thailand.