Sunday, May 22, 2005

Yoda Is A Mutated Frog

Yesterday…. The cycle was completed. Man…. Start Wars Episode III, awesome!!!! Wondered why poor Yoda always gets things thrown at him. In Episode II, he got rocks and stuffs flung at him, and now in III, he got more stuffs flung at him too. Poor little green Jedi. Seems like the bad guys are pretty fond of throwing things at Yoda.

Anyway… I squeezed out some time to catch the show with me gig. U know.. in Singapore if u were to watch in GV Grand… cost $50 for a couple right? Well yesterday… same GV Grand class… big sofa, free pop corn and drinks plus great sound system… hehehe only S$20!!!!!

When the show ended, I felt funny inside.. some weird emotional syndrome. The first time I watched Episode V, I was 12. Then I rented video tapes, watched IV and finally, there was VI, Return of the Jedi which I watched some years later. And now… after almost a gap of more then 20 years.. the whole story finally links together.. Wow… its like.. wow… (overwhelming dunno how to describe emotional hurricane in me). Its like a major event in most of our lives, for all of us, who are around in this lifespan to witness all the 6 episodes and finally know the full story. That’s it… all has been revealed… and it took 20 plus years! (tears roll down)… No more…. END… we live 20 plus years and now we saw it all. No more next… no more in suspense.

Don’t know if u know what I mean but this final episode has a tremendously strange slightly glad and sad effect on me to know that there will be no more Star Wars.


Ed said...

Old fug... kekekek.... I watched Episode 3 on the same day also! Blardee hell 9am show in the fooking morning man. Nauhiah... I found the part where Yoda enters the Emperor's room and uses the force to knock the 2 guards outta their consciousness damn funny man.

rk said...

funnily, me watched on same day too. HAH. was never much of a starwars fan, especially hate tat tyko anikin. check out for more complete info.

... ( now i know why they say anikin will bring balance to the force )...

Ed said...

and I lurve that motherfooking gigantic lizard man!