Friday, May 13, 2005

Bangkok I'm Coming Home

5 hectic days and 4 late nights, so fast and now my final morning in Singapore. Had so many meetings, so many catch ups, yesterday was the best. Four crazy people, sat outside a pub in China town and had four bottles of wine. Wine… an indication that we have grown. Talks on the table about life and about mothers. Talks about future husbands, talks about life and where it is going. Talks about the past and the times. Oh man…. Jac, Regine, Ade, we came a long way, we grown.

I am just dropping by, here to say hi for a while. And in a few hours, I’ll be leaving on a jet plane, back to chaotic life in Bangkok which is a stark contrast to the orderly fashion of life in Singapore. In my room now starting to pack. Wondering now, how am I supposed to move all my barang barang to my life in Bangkok. Guess I can’t move everything, just like how I can’t move all my great pals to Bangkok. Things I have to leave behind for that’s what life has gotta be. Its a torture emotionally I have to say but like I written before, I gotta move on.

We are all set on a course in life, but each in our own independent directions. And as we transverse the passage of time, we find that the distance in friendship stretches along the journey (for me it is a 10,000km stretch). As each individual get latched on to their career, their goals, their start of a family, gone will be the days where friends were bind by good classical physical closeness. Now they will have to be good memories living in a major part of my mind.

The strange thing about life, is that if we ever encounter each other once somewhere in time, somewhere in the future, some mysterious cosmic forces will definitely put us together again for just brief moments. It has already happened many times, like chancing upon a long lost friend at Sydney airport when I was up the escalator and he was down. Whatever it is at work on all this, I am glad it is there.

My best pal Evan will be on his way soon. To stuff curry fish head into my digestive track before my leave to continue my new life in Bangkok. It has been joyful, the past few days. I’ll miss all of you a great deal for sure.

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