Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Seastone Villa Phuket

The Unforgettable Pillow Encounter

On my recent trip to Phuket (The Racha Experience), we extended our holidays for one day in Phuket, just so much so to do what tourist do - shopping. While there, I stayed at Seastone. I choose this place for one reason, the pictures on web looks nice and it has a pool and 2 rooms which my friend could bunk in on my recent holiday in Phuket. To my dismay, I only realized it's another one of those property investment sort of real estate business this place is. People buy and make it their holiday homes, renting out the units while they are not here, hoping to make a profit selling in the future (if they ever do).

The bedrooms are large and spacious, the toilet very roomy. Between where the bed is positioned and the toilet is a an attempted to be a tasteful walk in wardrobe. Also in that same space is where a separated study is built. Left and right thus are 2 walkways towards the toilet featuring a large bathtub. As a result, you can run circles in your bedroom and toilet via these 2 connecting accesses. It's one of those places where you can play out your carnal fantasies, you the teacher chasing down that high school student in their tight shirts and skirts too short, then push them into the bath and continue your fantasy.

For relaxation after, you could jump straight into the lap pool located between your villa and the adjacent one. Its narrow, it's for laps. And it took me forever to figure out how to turn the pool filtering system on, which eventually I never did. The villa has kitchen facilities, so you can do your own cooking. It's pretty much self contained I would say, and unfortunately, in terms of what one can do there, that's about all of it.

For Small Cars Only
There is a lack of amenities in the establishment and the units are built smack one after the other, the feeling of congestion. For some strange reasons, the car porch is meant only for very small cars, so the front of our Nissan Teana jutted out into the road and yes, we were unable to close the gate. The road is narrow too much and if the opposite neighbor parks his car parallel front of his unit, reverse parking into yours would mean calls to the insurance company.

Breakfast was cooked in their main kitchen and served in our units. The quality was very mediocre. Most unforgettable while I stayed here was the pillow. Someone must have salivated gallons of secretions beforehand. The stench a mark in history burned into my memory. They should have a standard procedure in their makeup room routine to include smelling and changing pillows for goodness sake.

In the near vicinity, there will be nothing around and a drive to fun fun places such as Patong is going to cost you some 45 minutes. No taxis ventures in here, you really got to rent a car as we did. They tried their best to offer privacy and uniqueness but is a far cry of attaining those statuses. Comparing to what resorts of the same price levels could offer on Phuket which I had been, I would suggest staying here only if for some reasons, you really need to.