Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Getting a Car Loan for Foreigners in Bangkok

Fortunately we can, the bank approves our loan. And they seemed to be lenient now compared to a couple of years back. First time I applied for a loan, I had to fork out maximum down payment of 25% just because I am not Thai. This time round, I could go below the 20% mark. Its unlike getting a condo where we are in no way eligible for loans. The only criteria, you need to have a work permit, if not you will need to pay in full up front. Also, you will need to bear with silly excuses the dealership cooks up when the delivery is late. The best I heard this time, "Sorry khun, we try our best to deliver, but in factory the car park too big, they are still trying to find where my car is parked..... "

WTF? But... never mind na, I am used to such things already.