Sunday, May 01, 2005

May Day Blues

(i am stuck out side my office... no one to open door...)

Why no one works on Holidays? I know it is May Day today, but there should be someone in the office! Why? Becoz nobody deserve to rest unless they are generating loads of money for the company. I am now, out side my office, in the blardee car park, checking my emails through my wireless LAN and feeding the mosquitoes until they fat fat. Why??? Becoz, no blardee soul is in the fuggin office rite now. Fug!

And why did the fugging dog bite me on Friday? Why? Do I look like a cat? A Walking hot dog? Pork Ball??? Chinese Sausage?? WHAT?!!!! WHY???? Why the fuggin dog bite me in the nite when I am leaving my customer place???? Nin Nambleh!!!! WHY WHY WHY???


rk said...

nobody at office ? ehhh... does it occur to you that it was a sunday ? and...strange how come you boh key ah ?

heheeheh. hows the bite? make sure got no rabies or AIDS hor.. i think must be your pharamon doing the trick. are u on heat ? time for gig to zhor gang liao :p

Jewie said...

sunday so what??? every friggin person must work!!!!! I got the key... but they locked the other friggin door which i did not have the key for.

Dog bite is okay now... not deep hard bite... becoz before the dog could bite any further.. i swang my balls at it.

Anonymous said...

Nauhiah, Dog never bite your lanpa? Sounds amazing ley... Next time u bring with you a piece of Bakwa coated with cyanide... throw at dog, then see dog explode.

orku said...

aiyooo.. pain or not... ermm bite where ar ? is it ur U-shaped Kar-chienng

maybe maybe u accidentaly step on his droopy balls u dunno ar..maybe ur customer tell doggie to bite u...conspiracy

go see doc, ok, dun come back n suddenly bark.. i scared ar ..