Monday, October 31, 2005

Shake me Bangkok

Hey guys. I am still alive. I am still alive because I am not dead. (U must be wondering WTF am I tokking about.???) I am not dead because there was no earthquake. Beginning of this month, there were reports on news. A group of geologist has confirmed the high possibility of a tremendous earthquake hitting Bangkok between 13th till 29th October 2005. Over a million people will perish and there will be floods as high as the second story. There was a great crack discovered in jungles of northwest regions in recent years. That was a clue that Thailand could be prone to quake. Geologist discovered lost cities under the ground in north region, indicating entire civilization has perished in the past due to natural calamities.

I sit on the toilet bowl every day. My balls never even swing left to right. There was no quake. The only time the buildings was swaying left and right was when under influence of alcohol in Samui last week.

Me on Roof

See… that’s me in the pic, still alive up on the roof doing my usual smoke in the sunset routine. Weather is pleasant now near winter. 4pm on and the sun is kind, the wind is cool.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Guess where I went? Samui again!!!!! It was a long weekend just and my colleges decided to go there and so, yipeeyayea… Samui.

Samui Gecko
That’s where I saw the greatest big mutha fuggin house lizard in my life. Bigger then your dick and I am sure it has got no problem biting your precious extruding genital off as well. It’s a Tok-Kay. Gecko in English. It has got red spots all over and it is about a feet long.

Samui Thai Drinking Session
We had drinking session in the night. See the pic… that’s the way Thai’s do it. Find place put mat on floor and drink. Then just sit talk eat tidbits until senseless and wonder like red face ghost into room and sleep.

Sea was rough this time of year. Rainy too. If you don’t wanna have sex, there nothing much else to do. Cant make love. All colleges there. And I am sure it is not a good idea to penetrate your female colleges. But… hehe my gig was there. (Do not assume I fug like a rabbit there, too much people. Not a good idea.)

Samui Car Breakdown
Spent 2 nights there. It was a 10 plus hour drive on Friday night from 8pm till 6am on Saturday morning. On the way back, the Corolla blew its engine. I think I am getting quite use to this engine blowing up thing when on long distance. First it was the Volvo a few months back when I was in Kon Kean and now the Corolla. So we sat by the road and fed mosquitoes for a while. 10 people cannot squeeze into remaining car. We spend another night in Surat and took a bus back in the morning.

Nice holiday. Relaxing. And witnessed the death of Corolla.

Samui Squirrel
And here’s a pet squirrel. Can nibble fingers off, dun play play.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cool Bangkok Ahead

It’s the third day now, the third day when the night is cool. Breezily dry wind that chills your body. I love it. Its like early autumn in Perth. I stand in the shade on a sunny day, the air that blows is cool. I am totally stressed from work. But this feeling I get from the weather makes me bask in delight. I smoke on the roof to see the sunset. I smile for no apparent reason. I love it. Winter is here.

U there… in Singapore still sweating like pigs, ahahahahahha.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Singaporean’s one Bigger n Longer

Fug Dell crashed again on Thursday. Spend whole day reinstall everything. Think ever since ants decided to make their nest in my Dell… things are going abit cranky.

Bangkok Breakfast

Came to office 630 am today, started working to recover lost time. Saw food stall outside selling Thai version of you-char-kuay and hum-chim-peng. All small small ones… very cute.

Since taking about food, want to tell u guys that I stumble upon bak-kuar lately. Just like then Mei-Chen-Xiang ones in Singapore. Here got one brand called Lin-Chen-Xiang. You won’t believe this….. TH$32 per 100g. That is TH$320 (SG$12) per kilo. Weeeehooooooooooooooo…. Waist expand waist expand.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Stormy Thailand

Had a fever last week and mum so kanchoing she thought I gonna die for sure of Dengue fever. C’mon…. if the mosquito carries dengue, then it will have high fever and die of dengue fever first. Also.. I smoke so much that I look like a walking fumigating machine.. no mosquito dare come near me…. Eheheheheh

Talk about smoking…. Recently Thailand had a new rule. No one is suppose to sell ciggies in public anymore. They can only sell them discreetly. So… if u need to buy smokes… u did have to walk into a shop and asked for it. They do not display it anymore. Its hidden. Still… I can live with this, much better the SG$10 (THB$250) ciggys in Singapore.

Cousin of mine came again and went back. Invited me to attend his wedding in October. Whats with this year??? So many people getting married. Already have 3 that I know in October alone. Spawning season??? Nay… didn’t go back for any of them at all. Too busy with work.

And.. its been raining and raining everyday. Gale wind darn fierce. Stay at home watching The Day After Tomorrow live outside my apartment. Wind blew rain skywards, visibility zero. More then 20 lightning per minute. Solid… never seen anything like this before. Then flood flood flood. Heard that in some parts of Thailand when it floods, crocodiles come to visit your house.

Rain means terrible traffic. Got stuck in the car park trying to get out of a shopping complex. 15 minutes and I turn my car into the nearest lot then continue to shop. Give up trying to get out. Interesting… can have heavy traffic jam in car park. Never knew that could happen.

Bought pirated games to play. Ass luck…. And should have expected. The instructions on how to run and crack the games… in THAI!!!. CB… can’t play game. Have to wait for someone to help me translate text.

Some Thai friends of mine went to Singapore over the weekend. When they returned… I asked how is Singapore. Reply was expensive-and-boring. Ehehehehe… I love Thailand.