Saturday, September 15, 2012

Swimming with the Flotsam on Samet, Lima Coco

The very interesting Shuttle Boat

How we got onto the Island

Just there for a weekend gateway, a single night on the not too far away island of Samet. From Bangkok a good 2 hours drive, left my car with the caretakers at the pier for a small fee. Getting from the larger speed boats onto Samet have always been interesting as one would have to step aboard the shuttle boat, that which is basically chairs bolted on platform with engine.

This is not really Enjoyable

Traps for the Barefooted

Being so near to Bangkok on a well known island, expect it to be filled with people. The resort is just a little worn down but we could see the effort they put in to maintain its former pristine back when it was new. The shore however, pristine is not a word to be for that. Samet located south of the great industrial estates on mainland and Samet an island so exploited by the many small resorts. She is getting from worst to worst every year. Litters and flotsams the sea was strewn with, so sad the sight of the waters which clarity was suppose to have been appealing.

Resort Front

Dine by the Beach

The average food for the average price but ordering what I desired was in itself a challenge. I don’t know which country they get the waiters and waitresses from but I know they were not Thai. So we were served the wrong dish. Speaking both bad Thai and English they were, I did not have a third or fourth (probably Burmese or Cambodian) language I could communicate with them.

Dine in the Sunset

How we got Off the Island

All in all for the price, it was just what to expect for that short stay to get away from town. Isolated on a small bay dotted with litter I saw they tried so much to pick up every now and then, Lima Coco with rooms that are tight and tinted with that little exotic glamour, is that average okay resort meeting what most will reasonably expect it to be.
Dine in the Sunset

BBQ Seafood

Lima Coco

Dinner Menu