Friday, July 29, 2005

A Bangkok Ghost Story

Darn scary… it was about 2 or 3 nights ago. Was driving a college back to his home late in night about 10 plus. His apartment is located deep in somewhere and the truck I drove had to go through some very narrow and dark lanes. I was on the return trip back to the main road, was the only car on the dark lanes then. Then I notice a silhouette of a man in my rear view mirror. Friggin CCB…cant see his face some more. Can only see an eerie figure floating to the right rear of the truck, swaying a bit to the left and right as I traveled. It was like the ghostly apparition was riding on the wind behind the vehicle.

Balls shrank and dropped on floor…. pee almost came out. Stay cool… maybe I was tired and this is a hallucination. Looked back at rear view mirror. Still the thing was following me. The dim street lights behind casting a shadowy ominous dark silhouette. KNN… this time die liaos… why the F is that thing following me. Step on accelerator… truck no sports car… can’t move fast, balls rolling all over the car floor. The faceless shadow was somehow attached, stuck to my rear right. No matter how fast I move or slow when breaking, it was always there… floating in the exact same position about 2 feet away.

Then I was glad to see the street lights on the main road ahead. It was like light at the end of dark tunnel.. okok drive faster… hope the thing will go away.

Kan paur tua CB. When I reach the bright roads ahead, the ghost behind me, was a blardee pesky motorbike. Drive without his CB lights on! KNN how I know it was a motorbike???? If bike behind… I sure can see his headlights mahhhhhhhhhh… why the F#@$@# did he not turn on his light?? Energy saving ah? Kan paur bye.. And his head made of metal izit??? Why never wear helmet??? If the shadow has an outline of helmet… at least I know it is a bike mahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… F#@#$#k pesky ass hole.. don’t even know basic safety road rules. No lights, no helmet.. and tailgate so close to me for f**k??? Addicted to diesel fumes izit??? Want to smell my exhaust izit??? … Ass hole.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Blardee Bangkok Spaghetti

You know u can get lost on highway? Lost for two hours on the highway this morning… going round and round and somehow reaching back to the same starting point. And all the different highways seems to be interconnected somehow. I think I just had a very good aerial (the highways are elevated here) tour of Bangkok this morning. Blardee signs… 50% in Thai. How the F I know where I am going. Did I reach my destination?? NO! These are not highways. These are blardee elevated Thai spaghetti.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Killer Aircon

Hehehe… went to customer place. Four people in total were then discussing something in his room. We were all feeling hot and perspiring. So the IT manager (aka my customer) went to check on the aircon that cools the servers located in an adjoining room. He came back hilarious. The air con was missing from the ceiling…… hehehe… smashed everything directly below, computer parts, peripherals and stuffs. Must have fell the night before.

Thailand workmanship…. Better be careful. Don’t place your bed under the aircon. Die cock stand when aircon falls on you in the morning.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Amazing Singapore???

Am i missing something here? See this paticular report form Bangkok post.. Singapore so sat-sat now ah?

If Prime Minister Thaksin is really serious about creating economic recovery then the solution is easy.

Allow the nightlife to flourish by allowing nightspots to remain open to 3am or 4am or whenever, and allow tourists to spend their hard-earned cash in Thailand instead of Singapore which now has more bars and less police harassment than Bangkok.

It is a crying shame that the most popular anecdotes swapped by visitors to this great country is about the police arresting tourists for not having their passport on their person, rather than the place for the best holiday of their life.

If Thaksin really wants recovery, he should let this country turn back into `Amazing Thailand'.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

I hate to dream about dogs. I love em too much. Phases of your lives that seems to withstand the transient of time. Lives with you forever, permanent programs imprinted like resilient virus of hard disk that no matter what you do to format, they remain there. My dogs are gone, long gone.

Why do humans have this big fug-up authority to decide on everything not capable of speech? Why do we put our dogs to sleep? Oh no…. my friend just got into a roller blade accident and his arm is fractured. Lets send him to a doctor and stick a needle up his arse, put him to sleep, he is damaged. Gee… my wife looks weird, she’s already 55 and she seems to walk slow tripping over her own saggy breast. Sent her to the doctor, put her to sleep. Why don’t all of you, put your old grandfathers or grandmothers to sleep? See the point?

Instead of nursing them dogs for all the joys you had, u put them to sleep.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Erm….. ok… I remember reading Orgu’s email some time ago regarding her previous working experience in Penang, about her unforgettable visit to the beach there.

Well yesterday (gig pre booked me 2-3 weeks in advanced so I had no excuse of being busy) I had to go with gig’s young energetic friends to Bang Sean (pronounced - bung sand) which is a place much like Pattaya. This place however is much cheaper, and nearer.. and is the Pattaya for Thais. Pattaya is for ang mohs and tourist and man who wanna penetrate other man or vice versa and sex tourist.

Was sitting and melting under the stupidly hot sun when suddenly I witness what Orgu mentioned…. But more…. Incredible… really really incredible. They go into the water in their full costumes… they run around in the hot sun in their full costume. Cant believe my eyes.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Software Feature


I'm gonna build this into my program someday. Why are users so stupid! Fug em!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Typical Work Day

Today is Thursday…. Darn time pass stupid fast. Tuesday.. 6am, drove 6 hours to Kon Kean. Work 7 hours there, had dinner… then took turns with me college drove back to Bangkok. Then deep in the nite 12 am, me drove truck at 120km/h plus plus… plus a few more I guess… and out of no where.. see waving red light in front.

What the heck was that I dunno… but as I approached… see police waving. Hmm… who he waving at wah…. ? asking me to stop??? Dun look like leh… he just wave wave only… maybe he saying “hi” … so … zoom past at also… 120km/h.. plus plus plus… plus a few more lor…

Got back yesterday 2am, reach home 3am, flip in bed because Redbull for driving still in blood stream. Slept short hours, woke at 8 am, zoomed to customer place meeting until 2pm, came to office rush work and reports until 7pm, met Japanese until 12 am.. go home wash underwear and sleep …. Blah blah blah.. .

Now blogging… eyes heavy… brain stoned. Wat a wonderfully stressful life.

Monday, July 04, 2005


Some joke on MSN... and no RK (my ex payaya tree),... its not about u, really... kekekeke...



Last words in Thai are : Alot of time izit?? Why are you not working?? Want to die izit??

Honda vs Toyota

Lets see… hmmmm over the weekend… nothing much. Came to work both Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday… went to some amusement park called Dream World with me GF.. almost died.. no have energy like I used to last time. I mean… look.. work non stop, think non stop for 5 x 24 hours per week.. plus work eating into sats and suns, naturally, very tired when the weekend is here. Want to idle, want to rest, want another holiday but I had to go to a theme park and walk non stop, queue non stop, and scare my balls with all the rides. Well yeah, it was fun, but I almost fell asleep on the roller coaster.

Nite time, swung over to office for some work. No bloody internet access at home u see. Anyway was shitting happily on the fourth floor. Then realized not enough tissue to wipe my big butt. Alternatively, I turned on wash backside tap… no FRIGGIN WATER SUPPLY!!!!!!!!!!! Had to run butt naked in towel down to first floor toilet. Nambleh.. They forgot to turn on the water pump that channel water to the upper floors.

Then deep in the nite… some goondu ran into my company car parked outside the office. Bloody hell… waste time.. go down stairs and waited for insurance representative to come. It was Honda vs my company’s Toyota. Toyota, parked stationary. Honda Civic brand new, reversed into rear of Toyota. Honda bumper sustained huge damage, dislodged. Toyota… one small dent and 2 small scratches. As u can see… Honda’s are sure die cars if in big accidents, they are soft tin cans…makes me never want to buy one if I ever gonna buy a car here.