Saturday, May 21, 2005

Omen of Good Luck

It is still raining… maybe the artificial rain making thing that Thailand did over the last few month was too successful. Been overcast and raining for 3 days already. When I was here last year, I remember it did not rain like this before.

Human Lightning Rods

Woke up this morning and had my usual first ciggy and coffee at my balcony. Looked over to my condo and saw these jokers standing at the top of the building. The sky was dark and flashes seen at distance. Think they playing “Who Wants To Be A Lightning Rod”. Just after I took this pic, big giant flash in sky bright bright and then the initial earsplitting crack followed by thunderous roar. Hahahahah… see all these goondus scrambling for their lives like clumsy monkeys climbing down trees (Never seen a clumsy monkey before anyway.).

Fuggin Dogz

Arrived at office and was greeted by porno dogs in front of my office door. This position… I think we humans cannot achieve without breaking something first. Wah paingz… I thought sway to see this kinda stuffs but my Thai friend told me it is good luck to see this. No darm firecrackers with me.. else they die.. ehehehehheeh.

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