Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sway Sway Week

And so read in RK’s blog its mooncake festival again. I forgot when it is already… lost my darn Chinese roots. Saw mooncakes selling in Bangkok but did not see people playing lanterns. This is Thailand… Chinese although many, cultural practices little.

Its been a sway week. Returned from lunch to find my hard disk gasping for breath on Tuesday. It went tick… gluck gluck gluck… greeeeeeeeeee… tick tick… breeeeeeeeeeeeee.. gluck gluck followed by tons of error and blue screen plus a “ni nam bu CBY” loud loud contribution from me. Also in this same week… some asshole stole my beloved giant Zippo from my table. Why in the world would anyone want that I wonder??? Things has been missing from office lately. There is a thief… and we don’t know who. Lightning will strike him in broad day and his mother will be raped. Fug him.

Brought a new 80G drive. Now my Dell fat with space but I lost my data and my work. This is arse luck.

Saw the show Madagascar, it was good… it distressed me good for that short hour or so. The hippo with the bikini crab made me laugh until die.

And Ed… are u dead… ur blog so long never update.

As for Jacq…. Yeah…. Run Forest… Run…. Run until Jacq neh neh become payaya. Good luck with the name-your-mother thing too... hehe.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Skype Mum

.... My mum uses Skype..................... !

Monday, September 12, 2005

Car Tried to Swallow Me

If you open the boot of your car really fast and with all your might, the boot will re-bounce and come crashing down right onto your forehead just when you are about to bend over into the compartment to retrieve your things.

My car tried to eat me last Saturday night. It was raining I was in a hurry. Pain pain pain pain… now fuggin balukoo still on my forehead.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bangkok Population Survey

The majority working force in Bangkok who can afford cars holds the occupational post of: Causing Major Traffic Jams. For the part-time work force in Bangkok, their main occupational post is: Causing Major Traffic Jams on Weekends and After Office Hours. The significant unemployed pool of people, freelances as: Contributor to Traffic on Roads Whenever. Bangkokians do not like to stay at home. They prefer to live their free time out in cars.

Article done based on research of Dr Kings, majored in IGotStuckInTheFugginJam,Again.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Live Screensaver

Yesterday morning.. reached office. Usual routine.. plug-in notebook turned on and had a smoke while waiting for system start up.

The first thing that appeared on my screen was not Windows. It was ants. Ants ants ants…. Everywhere ants… Ants came out from my keyboard. Ants came out from speaker socket. Ants from Ethernet socket, CD-ROM drive, the bloody PCMCIA slot.. So many small pesky tiny red ants. Every orifice of the notebook, you name it, it has ants. Ants on my screen. Can squish them and see juice all over my screen. Live screensaver.. can squish one… not bad not bad.

Ants decided to make nest in my notebook because overnight coffee mug left beside notebook is close food source.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I Wanna F*.* The World....

Office Sunset

It was evening again… life is routine now. Most have left the office and I was still here yesterday, up in the roof. Life sucks when all around me are play but alone I stride on with work late into the night. Life sucks when my entire mind is set on work regardless of office hours but those around does not. I want to shout the F word loud but I am sure the vigilant security guard below will think I wanna jump of the roof and summon the black car.

Another new sunset I watch, another peaceful moment. It is short moments like these when I stare at nature’s painting that keeps the stress in my head from exploding.