Friday, November 29, 2013

Klong Lad Ma Yom Floating Market

The Klong
While most people this past Sunday gathered in masses for either the pro or anti government group to show their people power, I was on a little adventure to discover a floating market near my home. The good thing about staying away from town is that one gets to really immerse in the locality of things. Living in what I called suburbs, the air is better, the surrounding rural. There will always be that paddy field around some deep sois, that cow or buffalo beside the road.

Klong Lad Ma Yom Floating Market seemed to me like the real raw deal, unlike the many other artificially inseminated floating markets found in the other touristy locations such as Hua Hin. This market can be located at an easy turn off the main Western Outer Ring Road. There will be ample parking available in the many gravel pits for a mere 20 Baht.

BBQ Chicken Parts
If you want a single place to see all the diversity of Thai food, then this is it. The myriad of local Thai delicacies such as "moo stick", live BBQ river prawns and the rainbow colored desserts. The list goes on. Its free sitting and you have to tunnel around the many narrow alleys to order and bring them food to your own table. You can easily spend 2 hours in there grazing on all her variety. Eat and eat again till you defecate in your underpants. If satisfying hunger is not your purpose there, take a ride in the river taxis along the klong where families of ducks will greet you alongside. Where there's water in Bangkok, there will be fish. So throw bread into water and stir up a storm of fish for fun.

The good practice I saw was that patrons will clear away their own foam and paper plates after eating. Unlike other places where there usually will be a bunch cleaning crew, typically scary looking and cannot speak Thai, this place has none scurrying around. So everyone was nice and brought their own trash to the nearest green bins that were located sparsely there and there.

I was told that places like these are located throughout Bangkok where there are klongs. Just have to keep your ears open, visits them Thai forums and there will always be something new to explore for all your weekends in Thailand.

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