Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pit Stop Report – Thai Life 9 Months

Now that I grown tan because of the searing sun and outdoor business activities, the locals think I am Thai. Blended in already, all strangers talk to me in Thai. No longer get “foreigner treatment” thus no longer kena kah chai tow at shops. However, covered parts of my body still retain my original color. My triangular butt band still glows in the dark very well.

Still can’t speak Thai well and when I talked, always get very unexpected response from the locals. Was speaking to a 10-year-old child one day. She asked I if knew what is “rot tooo” (van) and I replied no. She asked her auntie “Where this guy come from? How come he does not know what a van is?” I told her I came from the mountains.

Can start to curse in Thai when I am driving already.

Effectively infected all my surrounding people with Singlish. They can no longer speak proper English. Have learned that only Singaporeans have the capability to process up to 10 different languages in a single spoken sentence. The Thais can’t do it. Now that some of them can, they can no longer switch back to speaking only a single language in a sentence. They now speak Thailish and this is causing a lot of confusion to customers and their foreign friends alike. They said ever since I came here, their English degraded.

Weather very hot now. Work with my shirt off in the office some of the time. Take shower in office as well. There are 2 seasons in Bangkok. Hot and Super Hot.

Still can’t order food properly at food joints. Thus always eat fried rice.

Thai Snacks

Childhood dream come true. Ever since I first ate KFC as a child, always wanted to eat nothing but only the skin. Fantasized about ordering a big bucket of KFC and only ripping off the skin and biting into those well-seasoned crispy fatty gastronomy. In Bangkok, the roadside stalls sells “nghan-kai-tot” (fried chicken skin). This is found just outside my office.

Thai Snacks

Missed my ah-mah’s Indonesian pam peh (Indonesia fish cake). Found substitution. Fried fish balls that is crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside. Dunno what the name of that snack is still, but they sell it outside my office.

Growing towards a size similar to farm animals because of all the food.

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