Thursday, March 31, 2005

Head Exploding

Having a really really big bad hangover now. There is a pump in my head pounding against the insides of my skull.

Squeezed some time out yesterday and went with Alvin to some pubs. Finished ¾ bottle of Chivas left from my last visit there. Just me him and gig. Piangs… the world was spinning.. its been almost a month since I last drank and my drinking skill are getting worse and worse. Anyway, Alvin will be here till end of this week.

At about 12, we finished the bottle and headed to a “club” where Alvin’s course mates were. Met this guy from CNB Singapore… On arrival, they were tipsy already and near the end at 2am, CNB guy was going abit haywire up in the brain.

He started blurting to Alvin… “Dun think just because u got a SG friend here in Thailand u can blahhh bla bla…” (didn’t catch what he said). Then Mr CNB looked at me and say… “This SG guy u cannot trust… do not trust SG guys in Thailand, especially those that can speak Thai.”.

What the fug did I do? Alvin was staring blankly at me as well.

I looked back at Mr CNB and said “Yes… please be careful of me, u are absolutely right.”. Weirdo…. Must be becoz of some bad experience he had previously.

Found out that Alvin only got to know this fellow in Thailand during the convention they were attending. Bo chap him lah….

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