Wednesday, April 27, 2005

1 Rai is 1600 Square Meters

Just learnt that land here can be as cheap as B$5000 for one rai (400x400meters). Imagine.. Singapore $200 (B$5000 = SG$200 for simplicity’s sake) to buy land? Buy my nose shit ah! I think it can’t even get u one piece of tile for that price. Well of course this is not the land prices in hot areas like Bangkok, Phuket and Changmai. But wow… say u have SG$1000 to spare, that means you can but about 5 rais of land. That is a immense 4sq km of land. Friggin hell… a land so big… 4km by 4km for u to run naked in and no one will know. Plant fruit tress, plant durains, rambutan, marijuana, a race course, big fug shop whatever. Build old folk home, I mean look, they gotta go somewhere eventually and in times of changes like this, more and more offspring prefer to live by themselves and it would been soon that old folks will follow the trend in other countries. Buy 5 rais of land, use ½ a rai for the main building and the rest of the 4 ½ for cemetery. Wow man… just cant get over this… one rai.. B$5000… culture shock.

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