Friday, April 08, 2005

Lovely Flowers

Still, busy like fug until cock forget to wake up in the morning. I hate software… I want to open a restaurant business and have girls in bikini serve.

Anyway.. Songkran is next week and a lot of people are planning for holidays and etc. Total 5 days of holidays including the weekend. Some of my friends will be selling water at 5 bath a bottle at Kao San Road. Didn’t know u can make money like this. Other will be selling powder. What the heck is the powder for I asked. Was told that during the festival, they not only played water, but they spray you with powder as well, thus making you really messy.

Was calling all the hotels in Pattaya on Wednesday. Darn hotels all fully booked for the festival next week. Looks like I be stuck in Bangkok. Discovered on Internet an unspoiled island near Samui called Koh Tao. But dunno how to get there. Wanted to go Phuket but Thai people say there will be many ghost returning from tsunami for Songkran, so we dropped the idea.

Birds… cute fluffy creatures they are. I WANT TO KILL THEM ALL!. They think they are very cute… every morning they arrive at my blardee balcony and chirp for dunno what fug reasons. Every morning.. without fail at 7 to 8 am. This morning.. I threw my bolster hard onto my balcony window. Drove them blardee chirpers away.

Flower Trial

Found this picture of rose petal trails on my friend’s Friendster site. Wahhhhh… like very lomantic hor? Think me friend found her new love. I think all gals will fall for such mushy stuffs. Take a moment, close your eyes and dream a little. You (you being a women) after taking a hot shower, walk by your room and discover with delight lovely flower petals on floor. Clad naked within your warm bathrobe with steam still bellowing from the bathroom, you stared with amazement as a smile draws widely across your still moist face. Smelling the lovely aroma in the air and with a curious tinkle in your brain, you follow the crimson scattered trail like a puppy following breadcrumbs. As you approach the room, you wondered what mischief your charming boyfriend had setup. It could be more flowers, a whole room of them. It could be balloons. It could be that long awaited ring on your bed with that glittering diamond to mark the beginning of life’s most wonderful turn. As you approach the answer to your curiosity, your heart beats faster with every step, excitement building as distance shrinks. The occasional droplets of water fall from your freshly conditioned hair ends landing on the petals behind. You enter the room like a little shy girl. The pupils in your eyes widen to cater for the room lit romantically only by the yellow table lamp at a corner. You stare in bewilderment when vision clears. Ten fat hairy naked men pin you down, perform carnal acts beyond your wildest imagination, fug the brains out of you good until your heart explodes. See you dare to follow flower trail next time or not.

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