Monday, April 25, 2005

40 Bucks Hangover

Hey… for SG$40… what can u get? One jug bourbon coke at Zouk and that’s it. Yesterday went for small drinks, well not exactly small considering that we finished a bottle. Black Label plus too many bottles of mixers to remember. All for just B$1070. Incredible... neber thought it can get so cheap.

Nothing much happened over the weekend except for work. Traveled long distance as usual and this time witnessed a dog kena run over by truck. It was not like how we imagined, intestines brains etc spluttering all over the road. First u see dog crossing road. Truck brakes. See black flip flopping mass below truck. Then see rolling dog come out from under truck. The dog was still in one piece, motionless, probably dead by then from all the knocking under the truck. It is the following vehicles that came along after that creates the intestine all over mess.

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