Sunday, April 17, 2005

Surviving Songkran

Songkran Festival…. Yeahh… everyone take out ur little brother and spray mad at each other…. just kidding. The festival lasted for three days in Bangkok from 13th to 15th April. We decided to spend the time in Laos for we heard it was fun there and that they started early. Every area has different dates for the festival. For example, Pattaya has her festival last all the way until Sunday.

Pit Stop Kon Kean

Started journey 4am to avoid traffic getting out of Bangkok on Tuesday morning. Made a pit stop at Kon Kean. Had breakfast. Always wanted to show u guys their fantastic yet simple breakfast there.

Kon Kean Food - Chinese Sausage in Funny Bun
Chinese sausage in odd-looking bun.

Egg in a pan served with fish cake and Chinese sausage toppings. And to wash them down, we had salty orange juice. Till today… I still do not understand why they put salt in the orange juice.

Kon Kean Food - Egg Pan

It was only the 12th, one day before the actual Songkran, and we could already see trucks loaded with barrels of water having fun.


Laos Disco

Reached Laos in the afternoon. Our plan was to spend our time drowning each other from 12th to 14th April over there. The news was that Laos had started the festival early. On reaching, the place was strangely quiet. Taxi driver told us they only start on the 14th, the day on which we were going back. Sianz… neber mind.. find other things to entertain ourselves.

So, went to disco at night. Then realized that the inertial generated by the swaying rubbery stuffs around my waist does not allow me to synchronize with music that has ratings higher then 120 beats per minute anymore. Ok so waited for something slower. But when that happened can’t dance too. It was those great grandmother music that u guys never ever hear before in this lifetime of yours. Surprisingly, the teenage crowds twirled their hands and danced to that. Brain cannot comprehend the scene. Take a look at the following CD covers, u should get what I mean.

ISan Music

Laos Food

The second day, we had lunch, and it was some Vietnamese Laos food we had. Wrap a very delicious piece of fragrant grilled pork sausage in lettuce with raw garlic, cucumber and sauce to go along. Munch it down good.

Laos Viet Food

Went around town. Had fun zooming all over the place on scooter, as a pillion that is. Stopped by Mekong and sat by the river and enjoyed the cool weather. We were lucky, for the weather was kind.

Laos Dining

Laos friend ordered boiled eggs. These are not normal boiled eggs. They had developing chicks in there.

Laos Food - Chick in Egg

Laos Food - Chick in Egg

Laos Food - Chick in Egg

Legend has it that these potent stuff is suppose to make u “very the man”. Think u can knock small animals unconscious with ur manhood after eating them or something.

No… I did not eat… no way am I gonna touch them. I am happy with the performance of my manhood, no need for me to participate in Fear Factor.

Final day in Laos. Got on scooter rode to friend’s house. Everywhere, we saw groups of people gathered outside their house, dancing to loud music and watering anything that move pass them be it on wheels or not. Got splashed on the way. Got pail of water poured over. Very cold, balls shrinks.

Went to temple, sat behind truck. Bad idea. Underwear drenched totally. Winds blows, balls vanished.

Reached Bangkok 4am Friday morning.

Kao San Road

Woke up in afternoon. Decided to go office and get car. Can’t get out of house. Huge crowd at road entrance of apartment preying. Got security guard to go out onto the main road to flag a cab in for me. Bangkok is wilder then Laos. Really everywhere. Out side shops, outside houses, outside shopping centers, out side petrol stations and suicidal children hiding behind the telephone booths ambushing motorcyclist without concern for safety. Where there were music, there will be I-can-see-your-bra girls all drenched and dancing. Eye candies to me. Shorts darn high too. Weeeeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoe.

Evening time, bought cheapo water gun. Went to the infamous Kao San road with gig. Hands attacked my face from all directions. They just walked right up to u, said “sorry” first and then ur face become Amazon man. Everyone looked the same there. All wet, all white. Could see many, and I mean really many round beautiful neh neh pok hugged in their soaked little bras. Only problem, can’t really tell the gender of the owner.

Crowd level was like Swing Singapore. Could hardly move. Suddenly crowd cleared. Odd. That was when I saw flying beer bottles landing near me. Mini riot started by drunks. Innocent bloodied people ran. Crowd dug into any restaurant they could find along the road overturning tables in the chaos. Almost 50 meters of road was suddenly cleared as bottles were flung from both ends. 15 minutes into the lets-throw-bottles-onto-the-opposite-crowd’s-head and still no police came. I asked gig why. She replied it was normal. In my mind I wondered. What the heck do u mean this is normal???? A riot and not even a single police? They can’t get through the crowd or what? Well I guess if I live here, I must get used to such stuffs.

Broken glasses on wet road. Everyone were in slippers. Dun wanna get no glass stuck under my tender feet. So I left for the next party place, an area next to Kao San. Came across a musical fountain, everyone was gathered around. I approached and then knew why. Short of bringing my shampoo and shower cream, I had a good bath there.

The roads were jammed with cars. Everything was wet. Trucks that came along side by side became an aquatic display of sorts. Passengers on toot-toot were sitting ducks. Motorcyclist and pedestrians were easy targets. The victor goes to the water truck that water the plants alongside the roads, yes they were playing too.

What, when barking and fighting disperses and stops when u spray water at them? No, not dogs. Children. Saw two seven year olds fighting and that was what I did.

And so we wondered there through the night, had a dinner all soaked and wet. I could say Songkran was a rather wonderful experience if not for the flying bottle episode. Go Kao San again? Nay, no control. I don’t recommend u guys to go there too. Fugging dangerous and senseless. No toilet too. I wanna be on a truck next year.

Here are some more photos for your viewing peasure...

Songkran Preparation
Wrap all your stuffs like this, else die.

Songkran Aftermath
Songkran aftermath.

Songkran Aftermath
What your car looks like after Songkran. Full of powder.

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