Friday, April 22, 2005

Pontianak Thai Version

Heard something interesting. In Malaysia, there are Pontianaks. Here in Thai, the top charting paranormal character are also Pontianaks (I didn’t really catch the Thai name of that.). Now what is new is that, unlike in Chinese believes that ghost like to hang around bamboo trees for god knows what reasons, Pontianaks here are afraid of them. This is because if they fly around the pointy outcrop, they may get their entrails entangled like a la-yang (kite) and be stuck there for good.

Be going to Kon Kean and back tomorrow for 2 jobs.

Uncle Rick was here yesterday and he put aeroplane big time on me this morning. Went to his hotel (I got lost for 78 minutes in total) only to realize he went to the airport already. Nambleh… was trying to call him all morning telling him I’ll be late but the puki neber turn on his mobile.. neber call me some more.

Have a good weekend guys.

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