Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Bong God Sold Me KFC

Not making fun of Thai names here. Was at KFC. Cashier’s name tag “BONGGOD” .. wow… Queen of Grass.

New menu… Garlic Pepper Drumlets… delicious… peppery… mmmmm. Just checked out the SG KFC menu… wahhh so you guys have Curry Crunch now… looks darn good too.

Back home… everything paper ware. Eat and throw away. Here, everything is still served nicely like old times in SG. Proper plates and proper cold metal cutlery instead of the almost certain to brake plastic knives that don’t really serve any particular purpose.

We use our hands eat like a glutton. Saliva strands mixed with what used to be recognizable chicken bridging across thin air as your fingers leaves that gobbling mouth of yours. Finger licking good oh yeah, as you suck every piece of dirt out from under your fingernails gathered from that last toilet visit. Micro fibers of white tissue blended with brownish……. er..…ok… I shall not go there.

When I first came here and ate like that, I felt like a dick standing out on a sea of flat CB. No one eats like I do. That was when I decided to tame my KFC-7-Month-Hungry-Ghost nature and feast with the tools of dinning etiquette. Ask me which I prefer? Hungry-Ghost version.

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