Monday, April 11, 2005

Green Green Grass on The Otherside

I killed my Oral B toothbrush, the electronic vibrating kind that u stick up ur ass to feel good. Was slamming the battery cover back in place when it cracked open. Bought a new one, same brand. Very interesting. This one is a better version. No need batteries for it is rechargeable. However I was trying to find the metallic contacts, which connects to the charging, station and I can’t find one. It charges itself mysteriously without any physical electrical connection!!! Am very amazed. Charges itself by placing it in the magnetic fields generated by the charging station.

I remember those days in SG, when me and RK or gang feasted on buffet almost certainly at least once every month. And when I saw people who ate buffet alone, I always thought they were weird. How could it be enjoyable without company? Yesterday… I was at the other end of that thought.

Worked at home since morning. Skipped lunch and worked on until I could not understand what I was typing anymore at 4.30pm. Decided to take a breather and go shopping at Robinson’s nearby. Bought a bright blue shirt, the toothbrush mentioned above and browsed around. It was then 6 plus and I decided to have a Jap buffet alone. Never tried that before. Oishi I entered and it was only SG$14.

And then I started to learn the joys of eating alone.

I could eat without talking and taste every flavor of the salmon. I could contemplate on anything without being disturbed. It was peace. Man being a man, I stared at every cute chick that was in the vicinity. Its good to sit near the buffet line. You get to see the chicks come round the table ever so often. Looked opposite.. saw revealing sports wear at opposite table and wowowowowo low cleavage. Stared for a moment before decided to look up see face. Piangs.. Auntie.. 40+ years old! Jialat. Go home must wash eye. 2 o’clock low… with her back facing me, deep butt crack that holds a California Hand Roll nicely. Thai girls like to wear low cut jeans but sometimes they overdo it to reveal ah mah style panties. 7 meters, 3 o’clock. Teens gang. Nice flowing brownish golden hair there overflowing onto shoulders carried on slender body. Girl dressed in black. Most girls here have long colored hair even though the hot climate. Behind left, a chattering near the entrance. Group of 3 sexy early 20’s girls walked pass. Makeup thick and loud talking. Mini skirts and see through tops. Nose bleeds as I see them swaying tight asses. Cups A and B and a wee bit nearer to the chubby side. Fair skin, walks unmannerly. Club girls having dinner before going to work. 12 o’clock, buffet line. In her late 20’s hovering around the potato croquettes, pleasant looking dreamy eyes, decently dressed in slender flowing pants. The way she carries herself shows that she is normal working adult with decent job. Walk over to buffet line. See butt crack on the way. Birds eye view of restaurant. 70% female, of which 50% scored a 6 and above. Took chicken wings and that teapot soup. Walk back to table, slowing down on the way stared at butt crack.

I compared for a moment to Singapore….. the grass… is truly greener on the other side.

Pity the guys all stuck in Singapore. The world, or rather your life does not belong in a box dear friends… there are many other wonderful things out there and I am not just talking about girls. Look beyond that nose-shit land and discover life, as it should be.

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