Wednesday, April 20, 2005

No Cow Sense

U did be surprise how little knowledge of things many people have here. Yesterday was at a dinner in between meetings. We had a BBQ meal at some open-air restaurant. B$99 all you can eat.. SG$4… yipeee…. Eat until your pat tor explode.

Halfway through, the table was left empty as we were picking our food from the buffet line. Came back to table saw waitress pouring the glass of mineral water into our soup! She was about to pour the remains of chicken, cows and pigs in there when we quickly stopped her. Darn!

She then struggled to put the electrical plug back into the socket of the cooker but the metal rods were bent from age of usage. And so she took one of our metal forks and started poking all inside the live plug! She crazy or what??? My balls dropped instantly and shouted “mai-dai-mai-dai-lewang!!!!” (“Cannot cannot becareful!!”) That was when the dugong stopped and apparently she does know the dangers at all. Wah piangs!!!!

And fugging hell, in the afternoon, dunno who the F dunno how to shit properly in my office toilet! KNN, went to toilet for a pee, only to be greeted by a two-colored piece of shit lying beside the toilet bowl. Why would anyone do that???? No one in the office admitted to the act! Must I put CCTV in my office toilet or what? Do they really know how to shit? Why so darn fugging stoopid??? Perhaps the fellow has a genetic defect and have his bunghole growing out the left side of his butt cheek. Or his asshole is so holy powerful that the shit simply bounced out from the bowl after making its ballistic exit out of the body? What the F, it spoilt my lunch anyway.

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