Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Why Do They Always Wanna Tear My Balls

Fug day yesterday… today as well. In the morning.. got many calls, say cant send email. Afternoon, came to office, realize server cannot be contacted on the Internet. Call my ISP. Told them to reboot. And so they did.

Tear Balls 1.

Did that for many many many times… kept calling them, keep rebooting. But still no one can send nor receive email and our server is still not on the Internet. Until… I asked the jokers at the ISP what is the brand of sever they see. They replied “HP”. I do not have a HP server by the way. Piangs.. ISP leh… how can they not know where my server is. Too bad to the other company who got their server rebooted like never before.

Ok… so finally after 3 hours of screwing around with the wrong server, they managed to locate my server. Hit reset several times and still, my server seems to be down. Told them to trouble shoot the network point… they did not understand. They spoke very broken English. After a very frustrated conversation, I decided to go there and do it myself.

Tear Balls 2.

Drove Volvo. Volvo go up highway. Volvo started to make funny noise. Volvo gears suddenly got stuck and I had to drive at 40km/hr at 6000rpm. Reach destination. Volvo turned into multi-story car park. Volvo can’t go up slope. Wanked the gear stick all over trying to see if I could get it going. Tire screeched. Volvo went up slope. Volvo reach third level. Volvo cant stop. Wanked gear stick all over… Volvo still cant stop. Turn of ignition. Volvo stopped. Called for help. Mechanics to arrive two hours later.

Tear Balls 3.

Went into ISP. Located my server. Traced cable to their switch. Realized ISP somehow kicked the cable loose. Plug in cable. My server went online. ISP!!! How can an ISP not know how to troubleshoot such things? Why am I troubleshooting their network for them????

Took taxi home. Volvo declared dead by mechanic.

Tear Balls 4.

Came to office today. One of our companies can’t send email still. Checked Internet. Realized the domain has expired and wiped off the face of Earth! Kan puar tua CB… why my domain expire and not a single warning from my ISP! What kinda fugging ISP is this?

When working with some Thai people, must put ice packs on balls. They too fugging relax, too irresponsible and has no foresight into future of things. Do not trust the titles on the name cards. The are just words and not relatives to their true skill sets.

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