Sunday, May 09, 2010

Two months and they are still at It

Everyone is now tried of the situation and the protest has set in to be the norm. No longer was it like when it just began where uncertainty and a pinch of excitement hung in the hot summer air. Threats, blood spill, clashes whatever, no one really talks about it now. Bangkok simply got used to it. It’s really hot now and reported in the news was that the temperatures of consecutive summers has gotten only worse as the effects of global warming sets in. But the reds never gave up, I respect their endurance. I went through field camp without changing underwear for max five days, I wonder how some of the reds does it longer (maybe they don’t have underwear).

Occasionally now, when reported black shirts decided to play grenades in order to heighten up the spirits, the public transportation system shuts down and causes massive jams cascading though the arteries of greater Bangkok. I was in such one. Left the meeting at 4pm, reached home only at 10pm. Not complaining I am, that’s the way life is here now.

So we all carry on with our businesses (less those in affected areas). Fear to begin with was only slight and has but gone now in all. Colleagues we know some join them Reds on the weekends, perspiring under the oven sky. Colleagues we know some branded Yellow we have. And yet we talk, we drink, we have fun still and fight not once did we.

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