Friday, May 14, 2010

Clearing Red Areas

It had been announce yesterday that soldier and police will go clean up the red areas. BTS and MRT ceased to pick up passengers at selected stations. Roads closed after 6. Many offices closed early and then….. massive traffic jams as people started to self evacuate from down town. Just the usual.

And in the hours that progressed as reported in the news this morning, shots were fired, some people (very few) were shot. Office buildings bored the scars of stray leads, cars that passed by were harassed. I think they partied with grenades as well, and it was chaos in these limited down town areas. And so, most business there will not operate today.

But out of town, all is normal. We will work today, we did not evacuate our office 4pm yesterday. Warning emails were issued by HR, go home early they stated. But worked on some did still.

How extensive the red shirt supports? Here above show you I have. I was buying my pork’s leg rice for dinner, the hawker had his notebook on WLAN. Turned on speakers loud and blaring he did, was logged on to some online red oriented site was he. Oh, the propaganda speeches, in streaming colors and video. And some homes clearly exhibited their sides with TV turned on loud. To the red channels it was tuned to, for the neighborhood to listen to. And of course, no one complained of noise pollution. No police dare come intervene.

In the pantry my colleague walked up and asked… .
Colleague: “So hey, which do you like? Red shirt people or Yellow shirt people?”
Me: “I prefer naked people, really, especially girls…”

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