Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bangkok, The Aftermath….

So they extended the curfew all the way till this morning. Officially it has been announced on papers that it’s over. Although, by right, for the past week, curfew starts from midnight till 4am, but by left, we know of clubs that remained opened still. This is Bangkok, what do you expect? People to follow the rules?

So Central (ironic, it is also called World Trade) is gone, they had not decided as yet to tear it down. She may still be “repairable” as reported, but depends. I may give her a miss if they decide to just repair. Don’t want to die in a communal pool of shit crapping in the toilet as the building collapses.

And the aftermath of the massive Red BBQ Party remains in full view over Bangkok for all to contemplate. Will it happen again? Maybe yes, maybe no, we never know. Friends said the hardcore had gone underground, recuperating for the day to come. Let’s see.

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