Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bangkok Bang Bang

Bang… more bangs and bang bang bang. That’s what had been happening over the past 2 days. The sound of explosions and shootings happened all over down town. It is more like a state of confusion now as all don’t know what is shooting who and what has been shot. News feeds showed people throwing firecrackers mainly but I bet it’s more then that. On Friday, we received SMS forward from unknown sources stating major shopping complexes out of town will be targeted so avoid them. Friends reported that if we want Gucci bags, we could get them free by venturing into the shopping malls down town. I think what he meant was you could break into the shops and no one cared. But I have not seen any news of looting as yet. Reds got shot, soldiers got shot, taxi drivers got shot and motorcycle taxis also got shot. Another Reuters reporter got shot and the radio was suggesting Reuters gotta do lots of Tamboon (visit the temple) this year to correct their luck. Friend of friend’s stories had it that she happened to be in a downtown jam returning to her office when all of a sudden, she saw several motorcycle taxis downed by unknowns. Everyone got out from their cars and scrambled. Everyone, regardless of sides was just getting shot if they happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Scary aye? And yet, contrastingly, just out of the town area, Thais are still shopping, pubs are still full of party goers. Popular diners are still filled to the brim on weekends, we are all still working and going about our project scoping and customer visits. Starbucks, I was there, remained still a poser place for people chatting and surfing away on their notebooks or iPad.

A storm is brewing now as I type, the horizon is very dark. Come rain heavy soon it will and wash away the chaos in town. The onset of raining season, many expected the red shirts to cease and return to attend to cultivating their farms. But will they and maybe they will. But we expect the acts of sporadic violence to prolong. As mentioned, we don’t know who is who and what is what now.

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