Thursday, May 20, 2010

It was 10pm, Central was still Burning

Well, that’s how the skyline looked like from where I stay. It was the night near to 10pm, Central World was still burning. I could hear gunshots as I snapped in the warm summer air. That’s not the only site torched, there were many. Much earlier in the morning yesterday as I left for work, I could hear the distant explosions from my balcony. And as I sped eastwards and glimpsed into my rear view mirror, I could see dark smoke bellowing out from Bangkok. Ironically it was rather scenic in the morning light, like the volcanic eruption up in Iceland now.

Just incase you are wondering, why no one was putting out the fire. The Central World fire had raged on for hours, and has some many others. News reported whenever firefighter approached with water, gunshots will be heard. So… they scrambled away.

In contrast to the Chinese seventh month, Thais are burning metal cars and concrete buildings. In contrast to the paper money, Thais are burning real banks and currency. It’s outta hand as one could see. Wickedly, excitement did surround me as no one in Singapore will have the correct ball specification to do such a thing.

Late into yesterday afternoon, a call was received. Be back in Bangkok by 8, or stay in Rayong for the night told I was. Curfew, we never had Curfew in Singapore before. So later on yesterday, I discovered that at 180km/hr, the Volvo consumed 16 liters of petrol per 100km. The heavy car, the faster the more stable it was. A feat of Swedish engineering as I experienced slicing the resistive smog filled air like a hot knife easily through butter. Stable she went, turbo spooling, Pedal to the metal, I overtook the police cars. And, I was not the only one. The Motorway late yesterday evening was an arena of erratic high speed driving as people sped back to Bangkok. It was awesome in a way, sadistically.

And back in Bangkok I was, the neighborhood filled with an abundance of activity. People queued up to buy drinking water, food and such. Stockpiling they were. Seven eleven was filled, most of the shelves empty. Many other 24 hour marts, closed they already were.

Newspapers covered the large glass panels, looting and mischief expecting they were. And darn I missed the ATM, they were shutdown. Radio cautioned the public to draw cash in advance for preparation of what’s to come in the next two days. What? What will come? I queued in Seven Eleven, made sure I had two packs of ciggys for the next two days to come.

How a society break down, I am getting a taste of it first hand now. Its starts with petrol pumps running out of petrol, yesterday morning the pump I went had none. So on my return journey, I filled to the brim before entering Bangkok I did. Everyone was filling up, the queue was just long. The tankers had stopped delivering, because one was high-jacked for this nationwide event.

Next food shortage will follow, as market trips and delivery will be made impossible. And so we want to go instant, but then the convenient stores will run dry. Or they will be closed and so expect looting next. Humans will fight for survival, an instinct born in all mammals.

So should the situation get any worse, prepared I am sure to a level. I have much instant noodles in my cupboard, and those frozen spaghetti in my freezer. Should the electric be cut, rely on noodles only I will. And so how next “chu-chian-yee-ting” (Japanese Sesame Oil Instant Noodle) depleted? Its ok, I got a huge 3kg bag of rabbit food, I will eat when survival instinct takes over. I am sure my rabbit will not mind sharing. Finish already then how? I got a decorative water feature out my balcony and it’s full of algae. If I dry it and sprinkle salt, I think it can pass of as Japanese seaweed. Rabbit can eat that too, since it’s veggie in a way. Next? Ok, there are these small little toy dogs such as Chihuahua, Terrier, Shih Tzu that normally wonders around my neighborhood. I will eat them before my neighbors realize their pets can be food. I think Shih Tzu makes good Shushi. Then next how, finish eating neighborhood dogs? Go for parrots, can be colorful substitute for the meat in Chicken rice. I will not eat cats because I think they give quite a good scarring if you attempt to kill them. And lastly, under the direst of circumstance… eat my rabbit. It can fit in the microwave quite nicely anyway.


Brunty said...

Jewie great pics and it is really hard to comprehend what they have done. I have been to Central World and for it to be destroyed is so hard to get your head around.

As you said, "Wickedly, excitement did surround me as no one in Singapore will have the correct ball specification to do such a thing."

In nearly any other country including Australia the protest wouldn't have lasted a few days the way they did it. Australia wouldn't have let them block off roads as they did and set up barricades.

Police and special task force would have been sent in and it would have been very nasty. And so it should.

The Thai PM was too slow and should have stopped the protest in the first week. Then the Central World and all the government buildings across Thailand wouldn't be burnt to the ground.

Thanks for sharing and keep safe, hope you get your money, have plenty of ciggs, and enough food.


Jewie said...

You know Brunty…. I will miss the food there. There were good fish and chips on the upper floors, good Singapore food (Mee Siam) on the second… sigh. Central just got renovated, and it’s all gone to waste now. What a waste. It was most frustrating when watching some YouTube videos, the protestors actually clapped and cheered when the building was torched. At the end of the day, it will be us, taxpayers’ money to clean up the mess. Guess the protestors don’t know shit about tax, and don’t even pay tax.

Smorg said...

Hope it doesn't come down to you and the rabbit sharing food! Good to see you keep your sense of humor in all this. :o) Hang tough, my friend. This can't last forever (can it?)... And, if anything, you can shoot at them sparrows and pigeons with the rubber band, too. ;o)