Friday, May 21, 2010

Reds went Supernova

Our Sun, shines bright and noticeable, stable. But when and it does happens during which the nuclear fuel contained is about spent good, she suddenly contracts and with a surprising turn, explodes with such energy it can be detected throughout the galaxy. Of course, Earth will be incinerated in the process. In a way, that’s how the protest here went out, with a big bang. The protest went on for months, and then the soldiers moved in. Protesters were significantly reduced, and suddenly, all hell broke loose. But just like a supernova, that will be the last signature. The reminiscence glow will remain for eons to come in space, the memory of the reds this year alike. It’s over it seems, but the incinerating will go on for a while.

Majority stayed home, my office stopped for a whole week. I ventured out, no one can stop me from watching Shriek IV on its opening day. I wanted to see Puss fat. And so in the cinema, I laughed away with only a crowd of twenty. The malls, they were still opened but rather empty. Extra security, guarding against the terrorist.

Ratio of nice legs, sexy bodies to normal crowd, abnormally off scale here where I stay. The night ladies were out in groups or with their daddies, their work place had either closed or had no trade.

Car parks were empty, Starbucks was not opened. And just after three the shops started closing. I went to another Starbucks, but they closed at six early. Back home, stayed home as the curfew started at nine.

Just one more note when a star goes out. After a Supernova, the star collapses on itself into a possible black hole. A black hole is not a pleasant thing to have.

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