Monday, May 17, 2010

Bangkok Burning

That was the skyline yesterday. The mob has this in trend thing of burning vehicles and tyres. News reported that Monday and Tuesday are declared official holidays. School term which was supposed to start today had been delayed by a week. I wonder why they call it a holiday. Holidays are festive period. I guess because of all the firecrackers, excitement and occasional stray bullets hitting someone, they consider this to be one big party minus the booze. My office had sent out last minute emails yesterday asking us to stay home, no work for Monday. The mod is approaching a junction near where we work. Could be in range of M79 RPGs, my colleague joked (note…”joked” we are still taking it lightly).

Now one thing about Bangkok is that there is no zoning, which means all commercial, tourist and residential areas are rolled into one (again… like a bad game of SimCity). So many residents in the down town affected areas are suffering from food shortage, no food and they are very upset about it. However TV highlighted that those hawkers who ventured in to sell are making it big time (there’s always entrepreneurship somewhere). I won’t worry about food when and if the mob reaches where I stay. I have backup reserve already in my apartment. I can eat my rabbit.

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