Saturday, February 12, 2005

On the fourth day of new year, my zippo fall inside toilet bowl.....

I shouted in hokkien very loud “NI NAM BLEH!!!….” as I see my Zippo (not the big one) fall with a splash into the murky brown depths of my shit pool. After which I panicked like spider, for that is a gift from my dear friend Evan. I thought this kinda stuffs only happens in stories I hear from me friends about their mobile phones.. neber thought it can happen to me!

I poured a lot of water into the bowl… hoping that it will flush my bodily products away but nooooooooooooooo… the fugging water only turned murkier and I could not catch sight of my Zippo. No choice… flush… hope it don’t get washed away because of its weight. The water turn clear and to my despair… I dun see it anymore. Fug I though…. And just when I was about to leave the tomb of my Zippo… I see in the clear waters it slowly slide back from god knows where.

I reached for it… will sterilize the zippo… and my hand for the next 3 days… blardee hell.

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