Saturday, February 05, 2005

Double Boiled Baked Brains

Kan si lang dua!!!!!! The climatic system has gone haywire and temperatures are soaring high. Winter seems to be over too fast. Never expected it to last so short. Every time I drive it feels like I am a cuisine in the making. Buay tahan.

Chares and his darling gone back.. Brought them out to cheong on Friday nite.. Piangs.. long time neber drink… cannot drink well liaos.. only finish half a bottle with him and cannot drink anymore. Kept the bottle over there… and lets see who is coming next to finish it up. We talked about having a great big F reunion at KL with the whole ching gang present… dunno if it did be a reality or not.

Everyday when I wake. I see the view from my window (see picture). That my dear friends is me gonna to be complete condo where I be staying in a few months time. Told Charles that next time, all you guys need to do is to book a cheapo AirAsia or whatever budget flights to come over. Crash at my place and we have a huge party and drown in the pool. Save dough, free stay, longer fun.

And yes... i am still having fun with me Zippo.


Baaah…. Back to work…. In office now… typing long long long reports..

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