Monday, February 14, 2005

Eat Murtabak get Wheel Clamp Free

Guys… got murtabak and roti prata in Thailand…. Neber knew that. Yesterday, a girl friend brought me to some strange obscure area in Bangkok. Then I saw a sign “Murtabak”. Piangs.. very long never eat that already. Instantaneously.. I started to salivate like a dog on rabies. Ok so I had my meal… but it was a strange one. No curry to begin with. And the murtabak only plam size. Singapore’s is bigger then a piece of kotek but over here… its just a small square sized piece. And also, they only have chicken, beef and seafood (that’s new) but no kambing. They eat it with a bowl of achar…they pour the achar sauce over the murtabak. Very very strange. I ordered a beef curry and showed them the real Malay way of eating a murtabak.

After the meal… went back to car parked alongside the road… only to see a policeman in action clamping my wheels. Panic spider… waked over to car and tell police in broken Thai I am going home already.. please do not clamp wheel. Obviously he did not understand a word I said and ignored my pleas, continuing to sadistically clamp me wheels with an evil smile..

After that… I tried to pass some dough to him and asked for his assistance to help me pay the fine (heheheheheh), … he is righteous.. refused to help. So there I stood like a blur sotong… and expired every Thai vocab that I knew to no avail.

Thai friend then came over and talked… finally law enforcer stared to talked back. Darn…. lady’s charm sure worked well. She’s only 20 and she squeaked to the policeman.. explaining that I am foreigner and blah blah blah….. Conversation went on for a good 10 minutes or so and I stood there doing nothing, cant help. And when I heard them say something about me not being Thai and looking at me.. I dunno what to say back.. and just uttered to them “Murtabak very delicious”.. piangs.. u dunno how lost I am…

Finally… a settlement. A very humorous settlement it is. We went over to 7-Eleven.. bought a 750ml whisky for SG$7. Went to search for his bike.. hung it across the handle. Went back to the car… no more clamps!!!!! Like this also can….

Guys… this is not bribery. I have to say that the people here are really understating, help in anyway they could, understanding that I am stranger in strange land. It is not a life threatening crime I committed, but an honest mistake I made. Never knew that cars cannot be parked at road bends but now I know. See… lessons are learnt and chances given. No hatred was brewed in circumstance like these and I am happy to see the enforcer smile standing next to his bike, my gratitude repaid in a bottle.

In Singapore… I think I go to jail already (u guys know why right).

I love Thailand.

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