Monday, February 21, 2005

The Day We Killed Volvo

Driving back from Laos yesterday… driving hard my friend did on the Volvo….. suddenly, the engine roared like it never did before. Volvo gearbox died and we are in middle of no where… Luckily, got a car workshop up ahead and we swang the Volvo at zero horsepower into the shop. Si beh heng.
Mechanic tried to fix the problem for an hour and the conclusion was we broke something real bad. Volvo was paralyzed. It was already four in the afternoon and we were still about 600km away from Bangkok. No choice, paid B$150 for a ride to the nearest town. Bought us bus tickets for Bangkok. Started journey at 8pm… reached home at 3am. What an adventure.
I had to do my monthly thing of going to Laos and getting my passport stamped. This time we did it without our usual Thai guy going with us. Drivers were just Jason and me, both Singaporeans. Not bad for first timers trying to drive to Laos and back by ourselves. We made it there and almost made it back. Next time.. I can be independent liao… can drive without Thia guide.
Next destination…. maybe Koh Samui on a weekend that I am free. Yeah… and then in future… I can be full time tour guide for u guys coming here.

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