Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eating in Khao Yai - Krua Khao Yai

Aftermath of Lunch
Before arriving at the resort in our Khao Yai trip, we had our late lunch at the very famous Krua Khao Yai (loosely translated meaning Kitchen of Khao Yai) on Thanarat Road. This place is so popular that when we arrived, it was like an army had just had its last meal before the great battle ahead. Heaps of plates piled and leftovers on all tables, the restaurant staffs took their 30 minutes break while we sat on waiting and viewing the unappealing rubble on our table. Eventually we got to order that so famous smoked ham and ribs the place is known for, accompanied by other side dishes that were local delicacies. My ratings for the food was however a medium one, maybe my expectations were set too high. The conclusion was that, Krua Khao Yai is just one of those places "to-be-at" if one visits Khao Yai.

Local Delicacies
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Anonymous said...

Hi Jewie!

Thank you for visiting Krua Khao Yai. It has been a while and we would like to welcome you again with hope that, as time passed, we are better prepared to accompany your group next time you come to Khao Yai.

Happy Songkran,
Krua Khao Yai Restaurant.