Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quality of Electronic Goods in Thailand

Measuring a Brand's Quality

Just part of the Queue
I was at a service center sending in my notebook for repairs, reasons for which I will elaborate later in another entry. A very pissed customer was on location and his speaking to himself but needed everyone else to hear performance caused quite a situation there. Already many were tired, growing impatient for the 40 or so queue, we did not need him to add fuel to the already burning fire. He went on and on, spoken aloud that he had sent his phone in since 2 weeks ago, and no one from the service center had givenhim a follow up call. He had to call in day to day lately, just so to check the status of repairs by himself. There was one good point he brought out during his self instigated broadcast of many topics. Before buying something, the way to measure the reliability of a brand is to pay their service center a visit. If you see crowd day to day, it indicates that QC is questionable. There are some truth in this marvelous claim. Products used to be made in reliable USA, Japan or Korea but now with the competitive price war, most brands are made in China. Thais perceive made in China goods to have inferior quality. People who were there mainly brought in their large LED TVs and smart phones. Through the chap's questioning some of the customers there, I learned that many had to send their equipment for repairs within one or two months of usage. That chap said, if he had knew, he would not have bought that smart phone. I sat silent and agreed.

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