Friday, January 04, 2013

Dec 21 2012 in Bangkok

I posted this in FB on Dec 21 morning with the headlines “... oh shit..dooms day had began... . there goes RTK... my colleagues are in there... aiyaya.. .” A Thai friend asked is it real. Many other comments too. Wahahahhahhaha.

So the dreaded date had passed without anything falling from the sky in Bangkok. How did Thailand prepare for the destruction that was about to come? Nothing. It was a farang who told me “deep inside, he thinks it is possible” but all my Thai colleagues went about their everyday lives as per usual. I did heard rumors that some village in the north, the folks actually believed it and prepared in some ways I don’t know how. Dooms day 2012, we don’t take it seriously, its only prophecies that leak from temples that we would believe more in.

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