Friday, February 01, 2013

Khao Yai, Hommuenlee Resort

Resort Grounds

The name itself is interesting enough, Hommuenlee is a union of Thai and Chinese, Hom meaning Aromatic, Muen meaning a thousand and Lee is Chinese distance measurements meaning miles. This resort is made up of just 10 units, all of them well maintained and offered ample living space. You get a living room section with comfortable sofa spread opposite of course that large flat screen and that necessary DVD player for you to get the hot afternoon by. Up raised steps and there your open bedroom will be 2 large bed mattresses tastefully laid low on the floor. Its good mattresses they have, I had a very good night's sleep in the comfortable thick blankets, my head rested on lush pillows, my mind slumbered. After hours, the temperature dropped to a chilly 18 degrees, nice weather for rounds of beer that carried us late into the night chatting away in the team-building gathering out the restaurant dominated by only us. We had booked 8 units out of 10, so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. The lone restaurant staff bored as he attended to us but he enjoyed his own broadcast of CDs featuring Thai country folk songs that we in our midst of tipsiness occasionally dance to. Chill chill into the night.

Up and Above, Chill Chill
A view of the Location
Morning arrived and we had to drag ourselves out of bed. I raised early expecting a scene of fog but to my dismay, there was non. The chilliness was good though, it was 6 am and the temperatures was 14 degrees, love it so much. There was not much to do unless I wanted to kick the dog roaming around and create some adrenaline driven exercise. And so I went back and lazed in and out of sleep till it was 9. That was when we checked out and already, the rest of the colleagues had left to explore the attractions around the vicinity. Breakfast provided by the resort was simple, hot porridge or that American breakfast served ala carte style. Washed them food down with hot coffee, an orange juice and we stashed our bags into the boot and away we went. The hotel is very pleasant although lacking amnesties. If you need a good breather over weekends in the cooler months, check the weather forecast on a Friday. If Thailand is going to be cold, call this resort up, place a reservation and spent the weekend in cold mountain land.

Resort Grounds

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