Saturday, January 05, 2013

Reality IQ Test

Loei, An unexpected Journey Part II

The coach we Traveled In
The driver was presented with a puzzle at a petrol pump we turned into for toilet breaks. The coach on attempting to get out had her front in full blown contact with the tarmac on the slight angular slope, both at the entrance and exit. He attempted to raise the front hydraulic suspension only to realize it was not working. We could not get out. It took him an hour to figure out if he could get in head first, he could jolly well reverse tail out from the petrol station. And in that one hour, he attempted so many times the maneuver, and knocked so many times the engine with a mallet as if technical problems could be worked out with senseless bashing (actually most of the time they do, but in this episode, it just did not happen). I engineer, I solved the puzzle in the first minute of the problem. But my word never did get to him until all the folks were talking about my idea. I was being naughty too, I sadistically wanted to witness reality IQ test. I hate to say this, but this incident further beefs up my point that many professions in this land of smiles lack creativity and are limited to a square border that prevented them thinking out-of-the-box. My engineering career here had been filled with nightmares of all sorts, they smile back at you, and problems are swept under the rug only to be uncovered by end users later.

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