Thursday, November 29, 2007

18 to 28 in Thailand

The weather is simply awesome now. Even working in the polluted Raying industrial estate is enjoyable. You can sit in the middle of noon, under the sun and yet not break a sweat. The breeze blows and you will be immersing in winter air of just 22 degrees. Enjoyable omnipresence of 18 to 28 this season.

Go for the Moo-Ka-Tat … The Thai version of cheap Marina Korean BBQ buffet that’s just over SGD$4. Cool air, warm pot. Nice winter season.

Beer at the brewery with beer towers at just SGD$20. Chivas.. under SGD$40. Piangs… and we paid SGD$230 at Mohammed Sultan.

DIY your own coffee at the food stalls. This is common in Thailand. Pour as much coffee powder as you want and be owl at night. Feed the wondering dogs coffee power and watch them go hyper.

Refill your gas for a full tank that takes your car 300kms for just SGD$16. Whats with the horse at the LPG station?…. I don’t know.

And fear…. Be very very fearful that one day, Thailand will go nuclear. Without a good command of English grasp by the average engineer, Chernobyl WILL happen in Thailand.

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